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no spawnregions.lua or spawnpoint.lua file in \Zomboid\Server


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Hello, I'm here cause I can't find a solution on my own and came here to ask you if this is possible to fix it,


I recently made a server with the OS Unraid and take the docker of ich777, all work I can connect to the server and play with friends but I can't choose the spawn point or change it.


I tried to add this two file by hand, but they don't work when starting the server, 


do you have some solution thanks for your help in advance?

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Can you share all the files from the Server folder + the one you created by hand?

The server should automatically create the files when started, unless it was installed incorrectly or something blocked the creation, like issues with the docker for example.

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Here the three screen one is from my file directory Zomboid\server "the spawn regions.lua and spawnpoitns.lua were on in it that the two I made and don't work" the second is from Unraid where I can download the docker and the third is form the setting just before installing the docker, it just installs steamcmd and install project zomboid here the example he made with cstrike


docker run --name CSSource -d \
	-p 27015:27015 -p 27015:27015/udp \
	--env 'GAME_ID=232330' \
	--env 'GAME_NAME=cstrike' \
	--env 'GAME_PORT=27015' \
	--env 'GAME_PARAMS=-secure +maxplayers 32 +map de_dust2' \
	--env 'UID=99' \
	--env 'GID=100' \
	--volume /mnt/user/appdata/steamcmd:/serverdata/steamcmd \
	--volume /mnt/user/appdata/cstrikesource:/serverdata/serverfiles \

file location with the two file made by hand.png

docker download.png

docker parameter for zomboid.png

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Idk if that can count, but without that I would be able to get the other spawn point when joining the server for the first time or when I'm dying?


For the moment I can't select the spawn point and the 2 file that i add don't work,


Is there a command to do on the server for checking the file or thing like that?

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Nothing in the included screenshot is being done by the game server.


We can’t really help with docker images. We don’t create them, maintain them, or use them.


 Normally, these files are created on first launch.  I assume the docker includes its own version so you can configure the server before launching it the first time, but this is not how the game usually works.

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