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[US/PVE] Veracious Survival Online 24/7


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Server IP :
Port : Default

Come Join the Veracious Community!


Are you looking to join a project zomboid community but dont know where to start? Well look no further than Veracious Network's Zomboid Survival Server!
From our custom mods (made specifically for our server, by us, but also released on the workshop) such as Veracious Network's Garage Pack, Veracious Network's Weed, to our kind hearted and helpful community! Being a member of veracious network is a great opportunity for anyone looking for a server to call home! The server is set at mostly default settings with a few things turned down such as zombie speed etc, but other than that the difficulty is as close as vanilla as we would like it. But now onto the important stuff, Mods.

At the time of writing Veracious Has over 100 mods in the server, Most of which are just quality of life improvements, there isnt anything that drastically changes the way the game is played etc.

Come participate in Daily Group Raids! Gear up with us on a cold night while we raid a town or base somewhere! Making sure to grab all of the good stuff!
Or are you a lone wolf who would rather go questing? Dont worry we got you there too! One of our team members at Veracious Studios is working on writing custom quests for our server using the SSR Quest system (these will probably be released on the workshop at a later date)!

Discord: https://discord.gg/nx79Jr3BSy


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