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[US/RP] Zomboid Underground


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Zomboid Underground is a hardcore serious survival RP server, with an emphasis on organic roleplay. That means admins will only intervene to handle glitches, or trolls not here to roleplay. The server is narrative heavy, with many players being advanced role-players or writers. Players will dedicate themselves to roleplay depression, grief, friendship, and traditions. There is a whitelist to filter out trolls or those who don't take RP as seriously as we do, but its accepting of new players and welcoming of all playstyles.




Join the story today!

* Get by as a solo player, with settings to make this more lonely playstyle viable. Bump into other randoms, or trade with factions for repairs or loot.
* Join or create a faction, and enjoy companionship while trying to get along with other factions. Fight for humanity's survival against the Knox Virus.
* Experience a setting with minimal rules or admin powers to ensure an organic environment. Everything you see is real, every action done in-character.
* Write your own story, with a server focused on narrative, without sacrificing PvE or PvP gameplay, giving the server a "Story Generator" vibe.
* Enjoy a server with an optimized modlist, ensuring no popins, ping spikes, or type kicks, while also remaining balanced and synergized with vanilla gameplay.
* Read the stories from previous wipes, or survive long enough to get your own epilogue, with chronicles aging as far back as the server's creation nearly a year ago.
* Active server that averages 10 users for most of the day and 20 players during peak hours.
* Weekly updates to the faction map, and overall story. Make an impact in this sandbox setting.
* Wholesome community with people from all walks of life coexisting respectfully
* Multiple events weekly, ranging from movie-nights to player ran key moments in-game.


Notable Mods and Settings:

* 1.3x zombie pop with pinpoint hearing but low respawn (large hoards migrate around, posing a real threat)
* High initial loot, but rare loot respawns to keep the server going in the late game, and to push people to explore
* Custom Modified version of Dynamic Traits so you can naturally evolve your character through gameplay
* Knocked out system with 3 lives or body recovery. Permakill for executions or nonamputated bites.
* Goldilocks zone of map mods, allowing more exploration without making the map too crowded
* PvP and KOS allowed with warning, given there is reasonable IC justification for it. Random violence not allowed.
* Wipes every 3-6 months, with community votes on the option to begin a new story, or continue the old.
* Exclusive mods created for this server by modders in the community
* Admins required to be transparent and fair, with rules and changes voted on by the community
* Now allowing all ages, as long as players behave maturity

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