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[NA][41.78] Do Not Go Gentle - Hardcore PZ - Powered by Sophie [1.9.1]


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Name: [NA][41.78] Do Not Go Gentle - Hardcore PZ - Powered by Sophie [1.9.1]
Port: 16261
Server Region: Central USA
Date of latest wipe (or server launch): 1/18/2024
Rules: No Rules, Subject to change.
Introduction: This is a heavily modded Hardcore International PZ server, the server is a WIP server, meaning mods are changing weekly and emergency wipes may happen if something goes wrong. We have EU and NA players on the server.
Server Important Information:
Stealth is very important for early-game survival, we have mods to help you with this. Use camouflage and the darkness to evade hordes.
Working vehicles are somewhat rare, sometimes you can find a fully repaired car left behind by dead survivors.
If you need help figuring stuff out, you can ask in-game or ask in-discord.
The server world starts 12 months after the Knox Event. So everything is barricaded and destroyed, perishables are rotten, loot is scarce.
There are three ways to become infected by the Knox Virus: Zombie Bites, Zombies Breathing on you, Zombie Virus Spores inside buildings.
Most of the difficulty on the server is based on trial & error, learning from your mistakes and improving yourself overtime.
Skills & XP, you can recover Skill XP after death by crafting a Bound Journal and transcribing it with a writing utensil. Also, disassembly is disabled on the server, so the only ways to get crafting Skill XP is to craft and read crafting books, books from the crafting skill category give a XP Multiplier and flat XP.
Join the discord for server information! US/GB
Присоединяйтесь к discord для получения информации о сервере! RU
Приєднуйтесь до Discord для отримання інформації про сервер. UA
Rejoignez le discord pour obtenir des informations sur le serveur ! FR
Tritt dem Discord bei, um Informationen zum Server zu erhalten! DE
Únete al Discord para obtener información sobre el servidor. ES


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