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Hey guys so as on the old forums I had my thread with all my project zomboid videos but this will look better having the list of all the videos on the front page,

If you have any advice just post it here please it really helps thanks!

Latest episode:

Episode one: The new beginning

Episode two: Clearing up

Episode three:

Episode four: On the run

Episode five: The last stand

The life of dennis walker
Episode six(Season 2): Meeting new neighbours

Episode seven: awh damn

Episode eight: setting up base


Episode Nine: getting ill


Episode Ten: Zombified!


Episode eleven: Running around


Episode Twelve: A Hammer!


Episode thirteen: so close


Episode Fourteen: Yay Defences


Episode Fifteen: Rotten Food


Episode Sixteen: A Death


Episode Seventeen: A new start


Episode Eighteen: Sledgehammers! (Audio quality was rubbish, Getting a new Mic)


Episode Nineteen: Rain Collection



Episode Twenty: Getting Ready



Episode Twentyone: Lets kill some zombies!



Episdoe TwentyTwo: Zombie axes



Episode Twentythree: Build a wall



Episode twentyfour: finding the police


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that was fast .. i'll give it a view.

May aswell do it now as I have nothing better to do and since the old forum is becoming read only no point going to the effort of updating that one aha also thanks :)

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updated with episode twelve, going back to a new episode every 1-2 days if i get caught behind with stuff i shall do what i done today,


i think i may be giving away a humble bundle code cause i believe i have a spare one



ps i know my in game volume is low it will be fixed in 3 episodes time.



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Newest episode is up :)




ill be uploaidng another one today to make up for yesterday


Also ill be giving away an EA humble bundle once i finish this character (Cause thats where i've filmed up to so far haha)

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