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Looking for server

Alexander Romero

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Hi everyone,


I am looking for a server with the following characteristics:


  • Europe
  • Steam (I play from Steam but honestly I don't know if I can connect to non-Steam servers)
  • PvE
  • Vanilla (NO mods at all)
  • Roleplay (optional)
  • Not reset often
  • Even recently started (since some servers started a while ago have the world semi-ravaged and with extremely limited resources for new players)


I'd like to find a server that isn't a battle royale but where you can build a community where you can make yourself useful with the available roles (mechanic, doctor, chef, etc.) or even going around looking for resources for the faction you belong to or, perhaps, help other survivors escape a dangerous area via an emergency vehicle. I hope to find the right server.



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Hi, still looking? You're welcome to try our server out at DAY PZ (we have a thread here on the boards) . We meet most of your requirements, only thing is we do permit PVP, however both parties have to engage via an opt in systemthat has cool down periods. To be fair the community is fairly small (4 different factions currently) with between 2 and 4 members each, plus randons/singles/lone wolves around the map. All, to my knowledge are friendly and will play cooperatively and we actively encourage specialisations and roles. Take a look and see what you think, if not, no worries and good luck with finding a server!



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