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Crashes Near Cars



Hey All!


game breaking issue going on at the moment. i'm playing vanilla PZ, no mods, on windows 10. Any time i go near a vehicle, the game crashes immediately. sometimes the ground texture turns black, and even if i don't go near cars, the game automatically crashes after about 10 minutes real time. i've added my console file for anyone willing to look. i got this game 3 days ago, and i haven't been able to play at all. help would be greatly appreciated. thank you!


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An HD 2500 doesn't support the OpenGL functions needed by the game, at least on Windows and with the official Intel drivers.  You might be able to play build 38 in the Betas tab on Steam (right click PZ in the Steam games list -> properties -> Betas), but note that it'd be from 2017.

Note that the minimum specs do call for a dedicated GPU that's newer than late 2012. An integrated GPU from ~2011 will not handle the game at all well.

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