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Right now the only things a crowbar can pry are wooden window/door barricades.


So I was thinking they should also be able to directly pry open windows, doors and even car doors so you can get inside without having to break anything or look for a key!


I think this pry mechanic would be some skill based ability like hotwiring a car and it'd be highly leveled up with the burglar occupation too by default.


As for how other characters would level it up I think it would be by attempting to pry things again and again. Any character could do it if they had a crowbar but it'd take time to be able to do it efficiently and successfully.


I think a pry operation could start by having a crowbar and right clicking what you want to pry and selecting the option to do so.


Like hotwiring it'd take some tries and time to do it successfully. A slimjim ( previously suggested) would be better for cars though.


This would make the crowbar more valuable than just a basic melee weapon that pries off wood barricades.

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Totally agree with this, though I think it'd be best if this was just a carpentry/strength dependent roll. Why make an entirely new skill that only one weapon in the entire game can use for one purpose? That's a lot of work and just adds bloat to the game. Trim the fat, but good idea!


Common Sense mod does this already, if you don't want to wait for the devs to eventually get around to it :)

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