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[41.78] Double Door HP resetting on central tiles


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  • Version: 41.78
  • Mods: None of them affect doors in any way, only 2 installed, one for wearing torches on belts and the one to display the HP of tiles.
  • Reproduction steps:
    • Start a new save
    • Set your metalworking/Carpentry skills to any level that makes the door have HP DIFFERENT from 500.
    • Open the double door


  • What you will see is the following:
    • First, the 4 tiles that compose any double door will have a determined HP value in all 4 of them, affected by your relevant skill:
    • image.thumb.png.4651133462fb269887d7ee1b33013de8.png
    • Then when you open it, the values of the two central tiles will reset to the deffault thumpable MaxHealth value of 500, even after closing again they will keep those values indefinitely:
    • image.thumb.png.39d54473ef96c754a19bdc951127354d.png
    • At the same time, the corner tiles will keep their original value:
    • image.thumb.png.ebe4c9058446486f660e8fbd688be3e5.png


  • This issue really defeats the purpose of leveling up those skills and makes modding double doors unnecessarily difficult. I think it might be related to doors destroying the two central tiles and then placing new ones in the new tiles when opening/closing. 
  • I forgot to add, that this behaviour makes the central tiles have infinite HP, since if you open and close them their HP values keep reseting to the default max value.


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