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I think it'd be nice if tow trucks were added to the game for the following reasons.


1. You could tow a car with the crane in the rear of the truck without having to get out of your car to hook it up.


2. Tow trucks would have high horse power by default so they'd be especially good for towing vehicles.


3. The crane in the back could lift the car upwards creating less drag since only 2 tires would be making contact with the road. 


4. They'd be a great way of sorting vehicles out rather than have to drive each one individually to put into place or have each be towed manually by another car.


5. You could clear the road of any accident obstructions of too wrecked to even get into cars or just regular cars.


I was thinking the tow crane could be controlled like raised or lowed by the v menu from flat to a predetermined height/angle. Also you could set from the menu whether to hook up to a car or release it from the tow hook.


I was thinking they could be found around at tow garages or along the road at accident events.

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