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Error: main class zombie.gameStates.MainScreenState has not been found or loaded Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: zombie.gameStates.MainScreenState


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java.lang.ClassNotFoundException error is happening to me: zombie.gameStates.MainScreenState already intale new drivers and I was looking for ways to solve it but nothing so I would like it to give me a solution my console.txtconsola.txt

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In that case, can you check the Windows Reliability monitor for any ProjectZomboid application crashes there? If you do find any, can you share a screenshot of the Technical Details section so I can check the errors that show up there?



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So it still failed to open the game after doing that?
I would recommend starting the game using the Alternate Launch option in that case, you can see it when starting it through the Steam library.

If that still fails, can you share a screenshot of the console window that shows up when you do that?

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