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Industrialized apartment block V0.0

Inspired from Berlin Kreuzberg





-Some of the grafitti "glows" (are highlighted) in the dark.

-Zombiebungeejumping from windows (sadly I were dead already and can't watch this from outside :) ).

+Fixed stair-bug Building is now 1x1 tilerows larger


Download: InApBl_by_7.zip



Military Base V0.0

Inspired from JA2 - Alma ;)






- experimental wire fence door won't work; sledgehammer will work


Download: military_base_by_7.zip


Military Trainingground 1 V0.0

Firing Range




Download: military_tg1_by_7.zip


Military Trainingground 2 V0.0

Urban Warfare




Download: military_tg2_by_7.zip


Military Trainingground 3 V0.0

Shells Training Ground




Download: military_tg3_by_7.zip


Military Watchtower E/S/W V0.0

Watchtower with entrance at east, south or west side




Download: military_wte_by_7.tbx.zip - Watchtower East

Download: military_wts_by_7.tbx.zip - Watchtower South

Download: military_wtw_by_7.tbx.zip - Watchtower West


Military Base Entrance V0.0

Inspired from JA2 - Alma ;)





- experimental wire fence door won't work; sledgehammer will work

+Forgot some outer lightsources - added!


Download: military_entrance_by_7.zip


Military Hospital V1.0

Inspired from JA2 - Cambria ;)





-Some lightning bugs

-Cell Door in security room don't work, other cell doors do; Player can walk trough

+Fixed machineroom containers by changing room definition

+Fixed stairbug (Helicopter landing platform is now reachable)


Download: military_hospital_by_7_v1.0.zip


Military Tent (Wood/Desert/Urban/Marine) V1.0 - heading east and south

Inspired by User 956Texas! ;)




Bugs: None


Download: military_tent_ALL_by_7_v1.0.zip


Military Airport V1.0 - heading west, so the runway should be on the westside

Not a big airport. Runway is easier build with TileZed. Helicopter landing would be a seperate download.




Bugs: None


Download: military_airport_by_7_v1.0.zip


Military Hangar V1.0 - heading east and south/opend and closed

Every hangar has different furniture, but the mainstructure is the same. No M1A1 or F15 inside :(




Bugs: None


Download: military_hangar_ALL_by_7_v1.0.zip


Military Heliport V1.0 - It's more than a "H" :)

I added some tents and containers to the "H"




Bugs: None, maybe the "pipe" (I used it as cable canal) can block the way.


Download: military_heliport_by_7_v1.0.zip




Bus Stop (Land/ City + Direction) V1.0

A rural bus stop :) (Heading south)



Download: bus_stop_land_ALL_by_7_v1.0.zip


An urban bus stop :D (Heading south)



Download: bus_stop_city_ALL_by_7_v1.0.zip


Thank you TIS!


Feel free to use and/ or change!


Have Fun!

Edited by Sieben
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Nene, bin ein Migrant. Ursprünglich in Wilmersdorf geboren :)


So, I changed the balcony a bit: Used the small wire fence and add wall detailing to it.




Added wall detailing to the north and west commercialwindows to remove the black underwall




Duplicate 1. floor and added a second floor identical to the previous one. Removed the mentioned flats and added a storageroom.





Added some park in the backyard with a playground and a "Bolzplatz". Wish I could add a second floor with the wire fence but there will be space between the fences :( . Filled the black tile space with "impovised" green gras. Will be detailed later :)


At the front i added some street and walk tiles. Will be detailed later.




Full complex til now



Edited by Sieben
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Puh, worked a little on the building:


Duplicated some of the rooms with diffrend floor and interior walls, so there is some variety in the building




Made poor Elevator without controlpanel (didn't find anything to use) but it has a mirror :) . There are four elevators on diffrent floors. The elevatorshafts ARE deadly! (only floor above the elevator and in the basement)




Of course the elevators only functional witch an elevator-controlroom!



But only...




... in my fantasies :(



Also I made some detailing...


Full complex til now



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Thank you two :) . Never played L4D2 but worrying, cause I have to live here :(




I changed the parkingzones. They seemed a little to small for me, after I saw the others in the game. Now there are less, but bigger.


Also replaced all the walloverlays (for example the balcony). Before I used one tile for one square, now I'm using a set of the tiles in the length I needed. Better for the overview :)


Added walloverlay for the facade. I don't know if it's better to draw a wall with the tool or add a overlay... . But anyway the building looks more like the original :) .


Added fences to the roofs.


Changed three roofs and added street curbs to them :D


Added details to the park, parkingzone, facade (graffiti - damn you RingoD and your crew!!! :D ) and so on (not yet finished and don't match with the original but looks abandoned)


Placed funiture in storagerooms (not yet finished) and began with the furnishings of the flats.






Full comple til now



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This...is a wonder to behold. Nice job, much talent. Filling in all of those rooms is going to be quite a task. Would you like some help with that?


Thanks, but it's not necessary :) . I've furnished the westwing complete and the souteast is at half.


This is gorram'd goregeous. Find a way to cut the ground floor stairs out, and you'd truly have a fortress to play with... complete with farming area and lots of places to snipe from, one shooting across Z-levels is implemented


Destroying the stairs feels like cheating for me :D .


Anyway, I've changed the parkingzone a third time and I think a vegetation overhaul in the park is also necessary . Also changed the facade a little so it fits more the original.

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I can't create a map and insert the building for some reason. So I can't test the building for myself.


If someone want to create a quick testmap with the building and link a download here for me, I would be grateful :)





Please let me know what to change, improve or add :)


EDIT: Thanks to Suomiboi, the rooms should have now correct internal names



Edited by Sieben
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Just had a thought: This would make an excellent 'Last Stand' style map, particularly if you had an external wall that could take a LOT of punishment. Why do you ask? So you have time to gather supplies from the ground floors before the horde comes a calling :D


It's hard to get through the building: Zombies are banging everywhere and crushing through the lower windowed walls, after some waves the doors won't withstand them. Then it's really dark and the Z's sees you through the windows if the floor or room is lighted.

If you want to change the wings, it can happen, that the next door is locked, because I used outdoor roof tiles. So crushing the door will lead the horde to you :D .

Survived for 32 minutes until they got me and after that they jumped out of the window! :D


Now I'm working on some military buildings with only one or two floors ;)

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Hey Sieben, just been looking at your building in building ed, ive notice that your main stairwells are broken, you cant place stairs directly above another set of stairs, they may let you get up but you cant get back down, you need to place them so that they never sit above another set of stairs.

Also, never place any item underneath stairs or on the first floor tile at the top of any stairs as these will block you from getting on to the floor above.


Give me a PM if you need help with it.



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That looks magnificent. Great job.



Kind off-topic question here, but I noticed the grass on the roof. Is that actually possible in real life?




Yep :P


Putting grass on roofs actually serves as a good form of insulation. Only problem is keeping moisture from seeping into the building, and you're golden.

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