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[EU] Zombie Retreat | PvE/PvP | QoL | Fresh Wipe | Season 1 Welcome to Zombie Retreat


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Welcome back to a new season with a lot of different things! We have combined the PvP and PvE making this server a PvE/PvP server. There will be PvE on 24/7 but there will be sections of the map that will have PvP turned on during Events! You will be able to find more info in the announcements channel
This new season brings much new stuff to the server that we have not had before :3
* New town locations and hidden houses/bunkers
* Better Optimisation on the server
* New vehicles
* Better QoL Mods
* Seasons
* Zombie Loot
* Advanced Trajectory
* Auto System
* New Clothing UI
* Achievements
* RV Interior
So.. will you make it in this crazy zombiefied world and make yourself a LEGEND?? Check it out by opening up the Lifeboard and see how long everyone has survived!
Join us today at
Port: 19132
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Join us for our next update where you can find a Countach 87 with this riddle!

Riddle Me the Roaring '87 Beast!

In a town where streets weave tales of the past,
A Countach '87, elusive and fast.
Not on the roads, nor by shops in array,
Seek the roaring beast where the players play.


Where the stitches of a game are woven tight,
The Countach sleeps, out of public sight.
Not on the roads, nor where stores convene,
Seek a haven for strikes where the grass is green.


This is to find the first Countach, a little advanced riddle for you to solve 🙂 
Hint will the posted once the update is here

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