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How to make sound global


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I making sounds for characters, but zombies don’t hear character sounds for some reason , works through getSoundManager():PlaySound, tried through getSoundManager():PlayWorldSound, but zombies still do not hear.

		if player:isFemale()
			local femalesounds = "FemaleScream"..tostring(ZombRand(5));
			local femalesoundsplay = getSoundManager():PlaySound(femalesounds,false,0);
			-- getSoundManager():PlayAsMusic(femalesounds,femalesoundsplay,false,0);
			local malesounds = "MaleScream"..tostring(ZombRand(5));
			local malesoundsplay = getSoundManager():PlayWorldSound(malesounds, isoGridSquareInstance, 0.5, 10.0, 1.0, 3, true););
			-- getSoundManager():PlayWorldSound(malesounds,malesoundsplay,false,0);

How can i fix this?

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