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Radio Frequency keeps following me??


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Hi everyone! Can someone please help me figure out what's going on? I have been playing for a while and I never encountered this problem but yesterday I decided to delete my character/world and start a new one again but I noticed since then I have this weird radio frequency or transcript follows me in chat everywhere and any time I kill a zombie it does this. I don’t have any walkie talkies on me either. It's been frustrating the hell out of me as I can't play at all it spams when I'm shooting at multiple z's and causes major lag. I even went through my setting and I'm very sure it's something in there causing this but I can't figure out whats doing that?


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I'd recommend opening up a new save without mods and seeing if this issue persists. If it does I'd delete the game and all folders associated with it including the ones under your User and from there do a clean install of the game and seeing if that resolves the issue.


The one time I had strange behavior persisting through saves that is what fixed it for me.

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