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Better in game voice chat


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So my suggestion is about better in game voice chat. Basically make the enviroment around you change the way you are being heard, if you are in an open space, then of course you should be heard clearly, but if you are in  a seperate room, behind a wall, inside a car, your voice should be muffled a bit.

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Hey, that would really be a nice touch.


It definitely would add an extra layer to immersion. Would be really cool to see it in action.


However, I think that optimization could be a problem. I imagine that it must be quite difficult to add sound dynamics to VoIP (which from memory already is quite resource intensive server side) and not cause performance issues. I believe that to make it more accessible it would need to have a toggle option so that people on older hardware could still enjoy the game online. Hopefully I am wrong about this though.

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