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Looking for server to join to, i'm Indonesian (can speak English quite well)

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Hello guys, i really want to play the MP of PZ,


if you guys have servers around Indonesia, or even Australian servers i really love to join your server.


I'm 21 years old and a quite fun person i guess, heheh.


Hope there are servers i can join and people to play with.


cheers !

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If you want to do a coop I could try to host a server just for us on my dedicated server. The problem is that the dedicated server is in France, so IDK how much would you ping.

aw man, yeah i'm afraid the ping will be too high for me to play together with you. but hey, thanks anyway bro. :D

I'm from South East Asia too. Singapore to be precise.

I'm quite disappointed that there are no servers near here. :(

yeah idk, maybe there are servers but we just dont know em yet, that's why im opening this thread. Let's see, i hope we got 1 server around SEA that's available. :D

Ah oh well mate I have a vsat connection with 500ms ping upwards anywhere on earth. I still find enjoyment though. If you are more into a roleplay environment try this server:



okay, thanks a bunch bro ! i'll try it

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Hey dude!Check this out.

Im from Hong Kong and I will open PZ server everyday.

here is the forum address: http://projectzomboid.freebbs.tw/

and here is the server's ip: twandhk-pz.no-ip.org

You are going to have to give more information than that. Like what version, whitelisted or not and how, and hours of the day it is up. And whether the main language on the server is English or not. Because I don't think most of us can read Chinese. :P

I also tried to connect and I get a "Connection Failed" message. Why not make your own thread?

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