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Schizophrenic Negative Trait.


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Hello Everyone!!! How are you? Fine, Thank You!! 😺😺


I was remembering Project Zomboid just now and came up with an idea for a very interesting negative Trait that
 could make the game more mysterious and frightening: 

Schizophrenic Trait!!!




Some exclusive features of this trait that could be added:
1 - Metagames: 

False Metagames events, where some of the off-screen events do not 
attract or direct the zombies in the game.


New exclusive Metagame events, like ramdom voices, whispers and screams, also can have sounds of footsteps.


2 - Moodles:


There is also the possibility of randomly adding one of these moods to each metagame related to what is happening in the game:
Unhappy, Panic, Stress, bored or Fadigue.

With this also comes the chance to add new moods, such as: Fear and hallucination (which can bring many possibilities, such as scary black zombie shadows appearing and disappearing quickly on the screen or order many mini-events).



3 - Cure:


This trait has no cure, but it can be controlled by the use of Antipsychotics, which can drastically

reduce the effects and the rate at which it occurs, making it a very rare debuff, each pill lasts

about 40 hours, which means that you can take a single dose a day and reach equilibrium in 5 days.


4 - Points:

I believe that because it is an incurable trait and has a considerable number of disadvantages,

+10 points would be a well-balanced number.


This is all just an idea of what could be applied, changes or additions would be widely requested, since all this is just a draft of an idea that could become one of the best, most immersive and most game changing traits in the game.




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I can see that being pretty fun to play with. Would definitely turn PZ into a much more scarier game if you choose to play with such a trait.


A modder has made a mod that features Schizophrenia as a trait, it is really good. However, it does have some problems when playing online due to the way that the hallucinations function from what I have read on the comments of the mod page [link].


Would recommend giving it a try, it really adds to the game and its quite amazing what they have accomplished.


On 9/21/2023 at 10:04 AM, CKyHC said:

mental illnesses related to stress or loneliness would fit well and add complexity to the later part of the game

Agreed, would fit in well with build 42, principally 47 (42 is when adding pets and hunting, 43 NPCs are on their infancy, 47 NPCs polished from my understanding [link]). Such a situation where you are lonely and depressed so you go on an adventure, a search for anything that doesn't want to eat your brains, and by luck you meet a dog, so you take it under your wing. I think it would add a lot to the stakes, since your death isn't just about you anymore, your companion needs you as well. Exited to see what the future has in store for us. :)

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Maybe medications like beta blockers could act as schizophrenia meds. Only repressing the symptoms temporarily like how smoking with the smoker trait only removes the anxiety for a short while. Just so It doesn't become unmanageable.

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