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Purchased via steam, attempted to run, no refund given


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Good morning,


I recently purchased and ran a copy of PZ from steam and the game continually remained in load menus and the main screen. For me the one hour I actualy got of play was very stuttery and I couldnt actually play the game over the course of multiple attempts to load it properly over a few days. I only actually got roughly one hour and uninterrupted play but the game was a bit problematic for me with slowly opening inventory and UI issues, as wel as stuttery movement of the game. I attempted to request a refund because it doesnt seem to work well from me but was denied by steam because the other hours of loading the game in their mind must constitute play time. I was wondering how, if possible i could work out a refund or provide them with material from PZ support to help me push this through so my purchase is not wasted money in my case. The game play looks fun but my experience was not fantastic.


Best regards

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