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[41.78.16] [Singleplayer] Part of Newly-Built Second Floor Inside Warehouse Appears to Be "Outdoors"


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• Version is latest as of 10 SEP 2023 (v. 41.78.16, I think).

• Singleplayer.

• Dedicated (I guess, since single-player (?)).

• Mods used, but none that alter the map or should otherwise cause something like this, AFAIK.  Replicating in a new game would be a huge pain, so, love y'all, but sorry -- I just don't have the time. 

• Old save.  See line above -- replicating in a new save would be a colossal pain.   Should be pretty simple to check the characteristics of the "second floor" level of the affected building, I think. 

• Reproduction steps:

     1.  At west (upper left) end of warehouse shown in attached image (coordinates in screenshot), build an interior staircase to second level (i.e., to create a new second floor inside the warehouse). 

     2.  From staircase, build new second floor eastward (toward the lower right). 

     3.  Only the first 1/5 or so (maybe 5 or 6 tiles in) of the new upper floor appears to be considered "indoor" -- any further east, and the second floor is apparently considered "outdoor" (indicated by change in ambient sound, rain splatter and pooling on those squares when it rains, etc.).  The new second floor is still very much under the roof, and there are no skylights, etc, so it seems this shouldn't be the case.




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