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Just wanted to give props to whoever coded the weather and campfire logic...


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I never realized that, during the apocalypse, an experimental form of theoretical SkunkWorks-grade rocket fuel rains down upon the Earth because that's the only possible explanation I can come up with for the instant annihilation I just experienced after one of my army boots inadvertently graced the smoldering surface of a coal from a campfire I started three days before the perpetual Amazonian monsoon flooded Kentucky that I tried to make an ark to survive in...


Reminds me of a time when I went camping... I accidentally touched an ember from a single burnt-up cotton filament that was so small, you'd need a molecular microscope to see landing on my skin cell whereupon its contact resulted in my instantaneous and utterly complete disintegration in the span of approximately 1.75 seconds leaving behind nothing but carbonized dust. Somehow, a deity smiled upon me for I was reincarnated into an irate gamer intent on conveying displeasure at either an unqualified programming racoon who apparently miscoded the laws of thermodynamics or purposely relies on his employer's assigned projects to express his closeted masochistic disorders that he needs an army of Mayoclinic psychiatrists and at least 100 pounds of Luteinizing hormone-releasing testosterone suppressants to resolve.


Can someone tell Spiffo to see what Stackoverflow suggests? Rainfall shouldn't last over 1000 hours in America, regardless of whatever Greta Thunberg and Bill Gates says, and campfires shouldn't be treated as an Umbral Blot's attack-of-opportunity.


Thanks in advance.

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5 hours ago, Wolf_22 said:

One more thing... Can someone please fix the bug where a zombie can somehow bite you through a perfectly fine and closed driver's-side truck window when the vehicle is going about 20 miles per-hour through the woods? Thanks!

I'd guess this is more of a visual bug than a technical as you describe it because sometimes you cancel (somehow) the action of closing the door, if I recall correctly... so technically it is open but you can't see it and therefor you are free food for every passerby. You could hear the difference I guess as the door wasn't really closed so it wouldn't play the closing sound, but that's just me guessing...


Btw your ranting about the fire death was hilarious! :D and sooo true! 

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Eh, no worries, QA. No game is perfect, but PZ sure comes awfully close. ;)

(My post was mostly meant to make people laugh anyway, like the stereotypical irate gamer who's crying over funny bugs or something.)


Love this game, man, bugs and all. Just keep doing what you're doing.

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