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Malformed packet detected type 24


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Hello. I live in Seoul. I'm playing your game on a local server, which is located in Russia. I usually have no problems and my ping is around 300ms. However, two days ago I began to experience difficulties not only in loading parts of the maps, but also in connecting to the game. Connecting to the server became very long and often resulted in an error. After consulting with the server administrator, I decided to purchase a VPN service. To bypass problems with routing to the server. And it works. I installed Express VPN. I chose Connection via East London. Loading is fast, ping is even better than it was without VPN. However, after some time the server kicks me with the error "Malformed packet detected. Type 24". I've read a lot on the internet, reddit, to try and figure out this problem. I'm all alone in Korea and this game is a way to spend time with the people I care about; my girlfriend and friends. I wrote to Express VPN support, but they couldn't solve it. A lot of people around the world use this service and apparently there are some features of Project Zomboid that neither I nor they know about. My only hope is to write to you. After all, you created this game and who better than you can help me out, because I don’t know what to try anymore. Please, I ask you to help me, dear developers and creators. thanks in advance

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That issue can happen either due to mods that add traits or more skills or due to very severe lag.
I can only suggest disabling that anticheat by the administrator if it is too much of an issue, since you would just get kicked due to it if you have very high ping on the server.
The error would have nothing to do with your VPN service, unless it added more lag to the game.

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