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Undead Relent 24/7 | PVE | NA | Survival


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**🔌Server Connection Info:**
```> IP:
> Port: 27510
> No Server Password Required```

**`𝟵𝟵.𝟵𝟵% Uptime
🙌32 Player Slots
⚠️Daily server reboot at 5AM CST
🤧EST. 7/30/2023`**

**⚙️Server Features:**
```- 2-Hr Day & Night Cycles
- Loot Respawn ON
- Active Staff
- Community Events
- Modified XP Multipliers
- Bite-only Infection
- Random Zombies (Balanced)
- Custom Starter Items
- Modified Weapon Durability
- UI/QoL Enhancements
- Player/Faction Safehouses
- 200+ Mods (Balanced)
- Custom Maps
- 50+ Custom Cars```

**💬Join our Discord for more information:**


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