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Movement inputs stopped working


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  • 2 weeks later...

I was just about to report this.

This was going to be my bug report

I do have mods installed.

Ive been playing solo again and ive been noticing a glaring issue.

On a few occasions i loaded debug mode to heal my char for these reason from the brink of death (not that im going to escape it just sayin)

During random parts of gameplay the game freezes like it goes into non responding yet the game still goes on, all zombies act as they would but i cannot see the screen and all i can hear is the zombies eating my char up I cannot use any action while this happens

Luckily it last happened when i was in a car how ever as the screen freeze it responded like i had my gas on the pedal. Again no controls works it was stuck in the state it was when it stopped responding.

This wouldn't be so bad if the game paused but it runs normally while your stuck listening to sounds helpless with bloodlust :p

The game cannot be paused, only shutdown through task manager to save the char


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