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Server Description: x4 Pop, Extremely Rare Loot, No PvP, No Zed Respawn, 2hr Days, 24 Loot Respawn. Skill Journal, Zombies can only infect on a bite. Play for Coop or be a Hermit.

Server IP&Port:

The server is free for all to play, work together to establish a small foothold, or keep moving as a nomad. With Hydrocraft you can specialise in a skill and provide for others or bolster your own stash.

If this is something that sounds interesting to you, you can find more out at https://www.bportal.ca everything is always under construction so I am always looking for help.

Current Mod List
Raven Creek
throttlekitty's tiles
Dylan's Tile Pack
Daddy Dirkie dirks tiles
HydroCraft b41 Continued
Skill Journal
Vanilla Firearms Expansion (B41)
Another Vehicle Claim System
Braven's Bicycles Redux
Braven's Utilities
Common Sense
Craft Helper Continued
Reduced Lag of Crafting Menu

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Hello everyone! Here is an update to the server.  A shop/currency mod and six mods related to vehicles have been added to the server. I have added the Autotsar (Motorcycles, Trailers, Tuning), Filibuster Rhymes' Used Cars!, and the RV/Interior.

The shop system has been all set up; currently, there is one admin shop to encourage travel around the map.


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