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Item does not get empty


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i have a big container item filled with alcohol that does not deplete itself when i refill empty bottles.

it works fine if i take a tumbler and fill if from there but does not when i refill empty container via recipe.

any insights are appreciated 

at the moment the keep in the recipe makes sure the container does not dissapear after crafting but also does not update the reduced value after pouring contents into a empty bottle 


Wine Can item

item Alc_DistillPotSmallNEW
		DisplayName = Distill Pot Small filled New(Spirit),
		DisplayCategory = Food,
		Type = Food,
		Weight = 1,
		Icon = WaterDistillPotSmall,,
		EvolvedRecipe = Beverage:4;Beverage2:4;HotDrink:4;HotDrinkRed:4;HotDrinkWhite:4;HotDrinkSpiffo:4;HotDrinkTea:4;WineInGlass:4;PastaPot:4;PastaPan:4,
		EvolvedRecipeName = Moonshine,
		FoodType = Wine,
		Alcoholic = TRUE,
		CantBeFrozen = TRUE,
		EatType = Bourbon,
		Packaged = TRUE,
		ReplaceOnUse = WineEmpty2,
		UseDelta	=	0.04,
		ReplaceOnDeplete	=	BucketEmpty,
		HungerChange = -20,
		ThirstChange = -20,
		UnhappyChange = -20,
		Calories = 510,
		Carbohydrates = 0,
		Lipids = 0,
		Proteins = 0,
		CustomContextMenu = Drink,
		CustomEatSound = DrinkingFromBottleGlass,
	    StaticModel = model_distill_small,
		WorldStaticModel = distill_small_Ground, 



and my recipe for making a few bottles 

recipe Make 2 Bottles of Moonshine
       keep Alc_DistillPotSmallNEW/Alc_DistillPotSmall,




Thank you!


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48 minutes ago, excon said:

when i remove the keep in the recipe the Pot disappears after filling the bottles


Ah, it also needs to be Type = Drainable, not Food.  Alternatively, you can keep it of type Food and use:  Alc_DistillPotSmallNEW/Alc_DistillPotSmall;5 - where 5 is the number of hunger units of food to reduce the item by.

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