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The Last rites RP FRESH 8/2/23 | TLOU Zombies | MMORPG Content | Dungeons/Weekly custom raids | NA


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Role-play: The current theme of our server is "The Last of Us" with spore zones, clickers, bloaters, 10 years later content and more. We aim to create a more hardcore experience that is engaging for all skill levels.

Features include...

RPG style inventory
RPG randomized weapons
Custom mods
Dungeon style loot zone content
Weekly Raid content areas for groups
Plenty of unique car mods
Boss style infected zombies
and much much more

Our server hosts a handful of QOL mods and changes as well as changes to the core game-play loop of Zomboid tweaked to encourage interactions between players but still having the ability to be a solo woodsman if you so choose. With the organic RP there are less rules overall as not to hinder game-play but still enough to preserve the quality of Role-play that Zomboid naturally brings to the table.

For more information: https://discord.gg/Xf679Xr7Yh

Fresh Wipe 8/2/23

rites 3.png

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