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Random Map Generation

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So I thought it would be good to have this, why?


Because if you play the same map for a long time, you'll know where to go, what to do etc. and it ruins the experience in my opinion. It feels much more immersive if you have no clue where you are.


How this would work?

It's easy, certain sets of buildings being put in random locations, so it's not a huge mess with everything going everywhere.


For example:

- Set 1, 5 Civillian houses

- Set 2, Police Station And gas station, with a few houses beside

- Set 3, Pharmacy, Parking Lot and supermaket.


These are not the best sets I could come up with, but it gives off a good idea on what it could be like.


Thanks for reading!




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Heya guys, I'm going to throw together a quick list of things that are commonly suggested and whether they've been mentioned by devs as tentative or no's. I'm going to be basing this off of a few threads in the old forum and the top of my head. If I miss any please mention it in the thread and I'll add it to the list.



[n] - This is a confirmed 'No' from the development team. Please don't waste your time or ours reposting unless there's something relevant and new about it

[y] - This is confirmed 'Yes' from the development team. This is something the definitely want to see in the game, but this does not constitute a guarantee. Please don't post about it unless you have something new or relevant to add.

[m] - This is a 'maybe' from the dev team. It's something they've mentioned that they were interested in but we still don't know if it's a confirmed feature. Please don't post about it unless you have something new or relevant to add.

Everything else - everything not marked would be something overwhelmingly decided by the community or that's self-evident. If you feel it needs discussion bring it up here or in a thread if there's not already one out there.


The Big No's!

These are a list of things that are either vehemently opposed by the majority of the community, confirmed "no's" by the dev team, or impossible within the game as it is. I'm going to try to make this completely unbiased, but if you disagree with anything posted feel free to mention it. The most important ones are highlighted in red. If you take nothing else from this thread, please pay attention to these.



         Aerosol Can + Lighter = Flamethrower

[n]    Beginning the game before the infection

[n]    Children or babies

[n]    An ending or any game over other than death

[n]    First Person or other viewpoint changes including camera rotation

[n]    Immunity/Cure

[n]    Military Aid

        Mini Maps

[n]    Morality or Karma meter



[n]    Overpowered weapons/specific firearms

          Overpowered Vehicles/Tanks

[n]    Personal Hygiene (going to the bathroom, etc.)

          Playing as a zombie

[n]    Porting/Console Version

[n]    Random generated maps

[n]    Rape

[n]    Respawning/Quicksaving

[n]    Sex

[n]    "Special" Infected or any type of superhuman zombies

          Specific named weapons (such as AK47, M14, etc.)

[n]    Unlimited/large amounts of ammo and weapons

[n]    Voiceover

[n]    Zombie Beasts or Infected Animals

[n]    Zombie Camo, or Using Zombie Guts as a Disguise

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Sad panda. I was hoping to see this eventually. It could always change at some point unless there's a technical limitation making it impossible to do. Given the amount of depth the game has as is, I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case.

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