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Most awesome PZ art yet.

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Oh my god! Did you (Rikashey) draw this? Make more please! :D


And not to be picky but there's a subforum for fanart:



Again, please make more! :D lol


No, no, I didn't draw it.


It's one of the possible rewards when opening up a PZ booster pack or crafting a badge on Steam.


You can see more here.




Can you post the Longest Journey one? I want that as my desktop background, but this one is nice too.


Really digging the harden spiffo survivor.





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That's why we all love Mash <3


Let's give her a (clyde) ! And more poetry.. Yeah, more. (nah, not me... I can only write blues/rock song about women and alcohol...)

But.. what if we want to hear your blues/rock songs?

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Oh, I thought it was 5,7,5... So I'm going to try that


Its the end of times

But Spiffo is still alive

He's a survivor


It is, I don't know how I ballsed it up, even the quote I changed to 5, 7, 5.  :???:


Woops! :D

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