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[NA] Willow Hill PZ 32p Casual PVE IP: PORT: 29900


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Now with a dedicated Discord Server!ūüėĀ Join here> https://discord.gg/f3pWYkAUVY


Welcome to Willow Hill! IP: PORT: 29900

PVE Casual Play 24/7 Random zombies.

Slow time passaged (2 hours IRL to 1 day in game)

Very slow respawn. Tons of cars and QOL mods.

Open to suggestions on adding things as long as it's 1993 Lore Friendly.



  • 16GB dedicated server, North America
  • 32 players max.
  • No PvP. Casual CoOP. Not RPG.
  • Safehouses are protected. Faction Safehouse mod installed.
  • Vanilla map
  • ¬†

Zombie Lore:

  • Zombification takes 1 - 2 weeks, only transferred by Bites.
  • slow zombie respawn - enabling you to clear out and hold an area. Mostly wandering hordes/random zombies passing through after that.
  • Randomized Zombies (rare sprinters, crawlers, rare smart and tough zombies),
  • 2x Peak Zombies at 1 year.
  • Zombies aggressive at night, but they chill during the day.
  • periodic Helicopter Events

Admin is on daily, submit ticket for issues/questions - or just DM me directly. Setting

  • Many mods for more vehicle choices, RVs, motorbikes, ATVs, sports cars, military trucks, etc.
  • Common sense mod
  • Tons of music, dancing, musical instruments, boom boxes
  • tons of video games and movies
  • Trading cards in game - COLLECT THEM ALL!
  • Lifestyle mod (music instruments! meditation!)
  • Playable video games, arcade games, pinball machines
  • Added Samurai, Crafted Knife/katana sheaths¬†(player requests)



  • No Sleep Required.
  • 10x faster books.
  • Longer Days (3h/game day).
  • Canned food/preservation possible.
  • Map sharing and Map creation/annotation
  • Proximity VOIP and walkie talkies active.
  • Pantry Packing mod
  • LY Skill books



- active admin

- growing discord community - both experienced and new players

- custom stickers and emojies active

- multiple voice channels, custom voice channels

- dedicated MidJourney channel for creation of fun art, emojies, and stickers (see some of our examples posted here)

- custom soundboard









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