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Can't butcher small rotten animals

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The option for butchering small animals (I tried with rat and mouse) when they are rotten is not showing up on context menu (right click). I had a kitchen knife and cleaver on my character's main inventory, rat and mouse too. 


Is this intended? I swear I could butcher these animals previously, even when rotten.

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3 hours ago, Yana M.D. said:

Do you have any mods enabled by any chance?

Boredom Tweaks
Common Sense
Easy Config Chucked
Fencing Kits!
FitnessGains XP Mod
Fluffy Hair
Fuel Side Indicator
Improved Hair Menu
Item Tweaker API
ItemTweaker Extra Clothing Option Addon
Map Legend UI
Mod Options
Out the Window
Read While Walking
Rebalanced Prop Moving
Simple Retextures
Spongie's Clothing
Spongie's hair
Spongie's Open Jackets
Standardized Aiming XP
Standardized Nimble XP
Standardized Reloading XP
Standardized Sprinting XP
Tsar's Common Library
Working Masks
Turk's lasting jarred foodstuffs

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Posted (edited)

Did a complete reinstall, with unsubscribing to all mods and deleting Zomboid folder both in Steam installation and in C:/Users/. Started new save obviously. Still can't butcher rotten animals...



The game doesn't let you use rotten items unless the reciepe specifies "AllowRottenItem:true" - and none of the butcher recipes have that.

So it must be it I guess. Weird, I could have sworn we could butcher those.

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