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Dark Days Ahead, An 18+ Dedicated Serious Roleplay Server

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No one knows when it happened. It started with a whisper; there was no sign of sickness in anyone until an epidemic started of what seemed like a common flu outbreak. Businesses struggled to stay open with the masses falling sick in the Knox County area, and then the military set up the Exclusion Zone.


It only devolved from there, symptoms rapidly progressing until, at last, those who died rose again from the illness.


Society started breaking down within the first week. 


The Police Stations that held out against the dead fell in the first month.


The Military Quarantine Zones fell within the first year.


- - - 


Now all that remains are the Dark Days Ahead and the desperate survivors of the World fighting for their lives at every turn, against man, dead, and nature.



Server Information:


Our Server is intended to be a close simulation of reality with the useage of mods, but also with a balance for fun as well. We are a Mod-heavy, map-lite, whitelisted server with a simple application process before you can hop in and start playing. 


We start out as Ten Years Later, with two admin-npc run Trading Outposts available to access, as our loot does not respawn and neither do our zombies (save for migration events).


Discord: https://discord.gg/3yYmc7YuaA

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