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Item disappearing after dropping bag on them

Gilkian Peacock

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I have a guess about what happened, there is a setting making items disappear after some time to improve game performances (by default it should be hats, glasses and maggots) and maybe by dropping something on this tile it refreshed it and triggered the remove items function.

So check your server settings about items removal "WorldItemRemovalList" to see if some clothes are listed, there is also a parameter called "HoursForWorldItemRemoval" which is obviously the number of hours needed to make items removed.

Do you know for how long those clothes were dropped?

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1 day in game time ruffly. I dropped them because I quickly has to teleport to my boyfriend character, in our other base and we drove back in our main base after a day. As soon as we come back I dropped the bag and that's it.

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