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Some suggestions for traits, skills, zombies, survivors, loot, food, water and sandbox.


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-Show the actual trait, skill and xp percentages.

-Bring back the old music options.
The new options don't work for some reason. The new music is good, but I miss the old ones.

-More creepy and depressing music such as:
Long Ambient. (Haven't heard this in the current version.)
Where Is Everyone. (The older one was creepier.)
Low (Haven't heard this in the current version.)
All the creepy ambients. (Never heard them in game. Can be found in the music folder.)

-Player crawling.

-Zombies with missing or crippled limbs.
-Zombies eat animals they can catch.

-Wandering hordes.
A wandering horde picks a random direction to wander towards to look for food presumably. (1000-10000 tiles.)
Perhaps a wandering horde could spawn the zombies once the player is close enough.
The wandering hordes would be much rarer and larger than regular hordes.

-Allow zombies to wander and redistribute into the "Player's square".
I don't know what it is really called, but you can see it in debug mode as a white box around your survivor. (Smaller than a cell.)
Currently zombies seem to stop by the edges of the player's square when meta events or redistribution happen.
With a cleared area the player can safely camp in their base for months with canned food and farming. It's a bit unfair for the poor zombies.

-Only chefs and burger flippers may add large amounts of extra happiness to their foods.
Currently pretty much any occupation can become a master cook by just watching TV, which makes the cook occupations questionable.
All non-cook occupations should have very small happiness boost for their foods. With this cooks would have a more useful role lowering unhappiness in groups.

-Remove rotten food recipes.
Using a month old rotten food doesn't seem realistic.

-Nasty foods can make you vomit.
Nasty foods could be: worms, maggots, insects, rotten food. Vomiting increases hunger and adds nauseus moodle which will fade in time.
Vomiting could be prevented with a strong stomach. With a weak stomach the player will very likely vomit from any nasty food.
Strong stomach could be a great pick for forest dwellers.

-Rotten foods disappear or become completely ruined as time passes.

-Rebalance all the negative weight traits.
Currently you can get rid of very underweight in a week. If you also pick fit trait (+2 fitness), very underweight becomes free points.

-Dangerous wound infections.
Would make first aid and antibiotics more useful. Currently it seems infections only slow down healing.

-Ability to open canned foods with knives.

-Non-poisonous rain water.
Perhaps add a sandbox option for this (acid rain).

-Gas expires. (6-12 months.)
This might work well with the rebuilding phase.

-Throwable distractions:
Mugs, glasses, glass bottles, jars, empty cans, bells.
Cans and bells would be reusable as they don't shatter. Bells have a higher distraction effect. Bells don't have any uses currently.

-Differently shaped survivors and zombies depending on traits.
Average, thin, fat, fit, strong.

-More candles. Perhaps add boxes of candles too.
Can't remember the last time I found a candle. Currently flashlights and batteries are much more easy to find which makes scavenging for candles a questionable choise for light.

-Water in pipes becomes tainted in few days after water shutoff.
Currently you can potentially survive months with pipe water, making water storage useless (pots and bottles).


-Show the actual option percentages.
For an example: Normal 50%, high 60%, very high 70%...
Would make things much easier instead of judging and figuring options out by testing.

-More hardcore options.
Ever lasting winter and ever lasting summer.
Extremely high and extremely low temperature options.
Insanely hard farming, trapping, foraging or fishing.
Impossible farming, trapping, foraging or fishing.
Impossibly low food rarity.
Polluted water or nature. (Most wild life will die.)

-Water in pipes after water shutoff option.

-Zombie evolution and degeneration option.
Shamblers turn to sprinters or vice versa.

-Zombie stamina option.
Zombies get slow after chasing player for a long time, but can recover. Could balance sprinters.

-Zombie activity option.
More active zombies wander more and try to find the player.

-Zombie smell option.
Zombies approach nearby places where the player has spent time or is currently.

-Sprinter speed option.
Joggers, runners, sprinters...
I know these next 3 suggestions could perhaps be counted as special infected, thought they don't have any super human powers.

-Lone zombies option.
Zombies that will never join a rally group while there are existing rally groups.
Currently it seems all zombies will join a group eventually which leaves wide gaps between them.

-Screamer zombie option.
Some zombies scream while attacking which may alert other zombies.
-Varying zombie % option.
Adds several different zombies with varying traits. Some examples:
Screaming sprinters which never join rally groups. 1 %.
Joggers which sometimes join rally groups. 12 %.
Shamblers which always join rally groups. 87 %.
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