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Project Zomboid Roleplay [Season 10] **NEW SEASON LAUNCHES MAY 26th!!!**

Vultus Mirus

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The year is 2000, when summer is sweltering hot and many were once eager for a trip out to your community pool or readying up for a barbeque. The infection, however, stopped any of that in its tracks. Within the span of only a few weeks, everything was gone: The biggest cities were bombed out, abandoned, or overrun. Basic services evaporated overnight. Food supplies dried up so quickly it was like they were never even there to begin with.

The huddled masses gather in an evacuation camp just outside of Louisville, set up by FEMA and the CDC. But somethings off: An enigmatic task force known as HERC seem to be the ones calling the shots, armed to the teeth and conducting their own form of experiments for some unknown aim. Their presence alone causes great unease in the camp. Their methods are doubly so. The peace here won’t last- but the question is how long does everyone have until it all goes to hell? Where, if anywhere, is safe anymore?

Uncertainty brews, tensions rise, and the hordes shuffle closer. The stakes are the highest they’ve ever been, and it looks like only the undead have a winning hand...

Project Zomboid Roleplay: Season 10 (LAUNCHING MAY 26th, 2023!!)


Our latest season begins in summer of 2000. It is a season of death, uncertainty, and fear, featuring dark themes and a cult classic zombie apocalypse atmosphere.

Your first experiences in-game are being transferred to a quarantine zone with other community members, friends and family alike, having the authoritarian HERC watching over you. Will this be life forever now? Or will it fall.. like the rest of humanity has?

An exciting adventure for you to partake in


PZ:RP is a community of active, friendly role-players staffed by a team that puts a focus on player-driven investigation and character development. Our goal is to provide an immersive journey through creative writing and to give our characters opportunities to make choices and advancements that matter. You can expect grandiose storytelling through player and staff events, strange locations to uncover and explore, and a world filled with living lore that changes based on player actions. If you are craving an active and stimulating roleplay experience, use the links down below to apply today and we'll look forward to seeing you on Season 10, launching MAY 26th, 2023.

Apply for whitelist on our website:


Read the lore:


Join our Discord:

Server Information:


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