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King Zombie

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A special zombie that is extremely rare, like 1 in 10,000 or something. He wears a very obvious and very luxurious kingly crown upon his head. He leads a large pack of zombies that stay within a certain radius to him unless chasing/attacking a player. Can scream/yell loudly to summon more zombies nearby (doesn't spawn new ones for gameplays sake) if players kill enough of his entourage. Upon killing the King Zombie, he drops his crown which can then be worn by the player for (seemingly) no effect beyond visual.

Okay to be honest, I just want a wearable crown I the game (please tell me if there's already a mod for it, I haven't found one). I think it'd be fun as an extra challenge kind of thing. The King Zombie would always be surrounded by a large group of zombies that would need to be dealt with first. He'd need some custom AI to make it work though, else he'd just go for the player like any other zombie and be relatively easy to deal with.

Alternatively, how about a burger king style carboard crown that can spawn in one of the Spiffo's restaurants?

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