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Digital Rp

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Opened 12-17-22
First wipe - 3/30/23
Come Place your Claim.

💻Digital Gaming Community.


🌎[US-Mid][Dallas-Texas][G-Portal Hosted] 
🌞[24/7 Dedicated Server PvP | Semi RP
🎮[Normal Zombie Setting][Rare Loot][Quality of Life Mods]
📡[ Large gaming Community covering multiple games

📝[Mission Statement] 
  The community goal is to provide content and fun for everyone. This server will focus on Semi RP to try and take control back from the zombies, while at the same time having the risk of running into a deadly player.

📰 Future Plans
🏆objectives & events.
personalizing maps. 

We are thankful for all the mod creators that have supplied the current mods we have.

[Server Info]
📡Server Name: [NA] Digital Gaming Community | Discord | Active Staff |
📍IP: Port: 28600
🎇72 Quality of life mods.
🧭Added Maps to expand experience.
🧰Settings = +10 Trait Points, carry weight 25 pounds, Rare Loot, Multi-Hit On.
🌆Community HUB.  
💀PvP enabled, Build you own safe house, admins claim for you.  

We welcome all players to our server the events and extra content will be created by are community. We offer room for growth to those who put extra effort into bringing enjoyment to the community. I hope to see you in game and discord enjoying all we have to offer.

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Make it look cleaner.
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Great server, been playing on here a long time and really enjoying it.

The enhanced carry weight especially makes for a much more chill, headache-free experience.

If you need some help getting started out, just reach out to me (Magos) on the Discord, I can hook you up with some stuff to help you get established

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If anyone's interested in trading reach message me on Discord (magosdankologis), I've got all kinds of stuff to trade. Cars, tools, weapons/ammo, gas/propane, crafting materials, etc. If I left something out just ask, I probably have it. Also potentially interested in teaming up.

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