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Vanilla/MP bugged


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Version: 41.78.16(Steam)

Mods: None


Singleplayer works fine, with mods and without.

On Multiplayer, my game bugs out. I can't remove the curtains; When I kill a zombie, they lie on the ground and move around as if they're still alive and I can't loot the corpses; The map doesn't load in completely (like a 4x4km cell). after some time (1-2min) Anti cheat 21/22 or 24 kicks me out. These are by now all the issues I've found


I uninstalled and restarted the game, removed everything that as to do with the game: the Files in User folder and steam folder. Yet the issue still pops up.

The Bugs happens on official, Community servers and my own. My friends which are on the same servers don't encounter this issues.


Video of the bugs:

 Anticheat Type 22 was disabled in this video!



I've safed up the Serverlogs, I'm not sure if there is sensible information in the logs so I'd prefer not to send it before an expert tells me so.


Your help would be appreciated!


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Hallo Beard


That could be the problem, but I‘m using Ethernet. Connection should be fine.

Tho I did play around with the router when trying to setup my own server.

In the end I opt to buying a dedicated server instead.

Maybe there are some settings in the router which I forgot to turn off or on.

Thanks for the suggestion, I‘ll check it out when I‘m back home.

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Oia, I've found a possible solution.


The Multiplayer works fine now, played on it for a while and had a blast.


What I did was:


1. Checked my Router settings, seeing if everything was in order and restarted the router.

2. Uninstalled the game from task manager 

3. Reinstalled the game on Steam

4. Checked all my drivers if they were up to date.

5. Launched the game through Steam on normal Launch


Now the game runs flowless and didn't encounter any MP Issues since.


Thanks for the help, I appreciate it!:D



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