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[PVE][ENG] ZomboidWorld.com | Relaxed experience with unique website features


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Website link: https://zomboidworld.com

Discord community: https://discord.gg/4zCf75pHwV


I am excited to introduce my dedicated Project Zomboid server. Let's start off with the unique bits.


Collectible system

The well known True Music and Diecast toys mods are active. But it doesn't stop there... whenever you find a new item, it will be added to your collection. This way you can track which collectibles you still need to find to complete your collection. See screenshots below!



Lots of statistics and rankings on the website made from scratch. These stats are tracked on total but also per in-game character:

  • Zombies killed
  • Distance traveled
  • Hours survived
  • Realtime link to player locations on map.projectzomboid.com


Another Vehicle Claim System

This famous mod is active. But what's notable is that you can obtain Claim Orbs using either the website or the custom built Discord bot.


Stable 24/7 server

  • Located in the Netherlands
  • 1 Gbit fiber uplink
  • 64 GB RAM dedicated for the server
  • 30 players (this limit could be raised in the future)


Other notable features

  • Custom built Discord bot
  • Friendly admin, open for suggestions
  • No whitelist - you can play without joining Discord, however, that would definitely be the better experience
  • No RP rules. Do whatever you want as long as you keep things civil :)
  • Online users live updated on website
  • Only restarts when required for workshop updates (checked every 30 minutes), 15 minutes heads up


Now, for the server settings. In general, our server's difficulty settings are lower compared to most dedicated servers, making it an ideal place for newcomers and seasoned veterans alike to enjoy the game without overwhelming challenges. This means no infections and no zombie respawns. Safehouses active. x10 XP boost. Faster reading and farming. QoL mods in place.


Hope to see you soon! If you have questions or suggestion, you will know where to find me :)


Some screenshots of the website integration



Collectible page



Discord integration


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What's new since last time:

  • Changed linking account process (using Steam authentication now)
  • Added traits to Character page
  • Added favourite weapon to Character page
  • Added top weapon statistics
  • Changed ZomboidWorld statistics plugin to track kills per weapon
  • Added a few requested mods

Screenshots of website:







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