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Admin Login Confusion

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So I've read the main resource for setting up/controlling admin status above, but I can not for the life of me figure out why I can't log in as an admin.


I've tried logging in twice as the user admin with my desired password, then trying to log in with either a different name and that password, or just the user admin with no password. I can get in the game fine if I log in as Lefarge, but not as an admin. When I log in as admin with no password, for the first attempt it says connecting and times out, and for the second attempt it says "invalid username/password" or "account exist".


Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? Because I have no idea.


Sorry for the (likely) easy question, but I just can't figure this admin creation process out on my own it seems.


Edit: I'm on windows 7 64-bit and using the IWBMS branch on build 25.

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Just found the bug, if the .db file doesn't exist I create an admin/admin account by default, instead of adding a prompt to get the password...

So just log as admin/admin and do a /changepwd admin yournewpwd, it'll be fixed for the next build :)

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