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Game flashes black on start up and crashes.

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So i dont really know how to explain it but i will do my best. I was playing and the game froze for a second but i was still able to move my mouse and in doing so i accidently clicked off screen onto somethin on my other monitor completely freezing my game having to close it via task manager. boy was that a mistake. Now every time i play the game it just flashes black and disappears. Ive started the game up from the alternate way it offers and it doesnt work. Ive verified the game  files to which it says 1 file failed and needs to be reacquired. to which i googled that and did EVERY POSSIBLE SOLUTION from putting in multiple commands like chkdsk C: and other ones i cant remember right now. ive uninstalled the game about 15 times now. ive uninstalled steam and reinstalled it. ive restarted my computer after every solution. my friend sent me the back up files which obviously didnt work. This is the only game i want to play right now and the only one i have installed now because i uninstalled steam. 

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Try going to the C:\Users\YourUserName\Zomboid folder and edit the options.ini file.

In that file, edit the fullscreen=true line to fullscreen=false

Then try launching the game again.

If this does not help, do you perhaps have any controllers or anything else connected to the PC except your keyboard / mouse? If you do, try disconnecting it and launch the game then.

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