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Toggleable Fall Damage for Fort Construction

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Hi all, 


I was wondering if the following would be within the abilities of the modding community.


Fort building is becoming a fun pasttime. However, a quick slip of the wrist can put many hours of intense effort to waste.


For instance, while trying to get a wall in place, my fingers transposed I fell from a fourth floor balcony. Had I been carrying enough potatoes, I might have survived. However, I did not. This wastes in essence 20 hours of labor on that char. Whoops.


My request would be for a toggleable option where I could temporarily turn off fall damage for heavy construction tasks.


Alternatively, a wearable item (a workers shirt or workers pants, or even helmet, no sprite needed) could perhaps provide damage free labor.


Just a thought for the mod makers out there. 

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Sounds like this should go into mod suggestions..... but

I too have tasted the bitter defeat of falling off a 3 story building while trying to build :(

I might try a harness for just that purpose, but will wait till we get 3D models & the ability to add custom animations that will come with it....

Inventory items aside, I don't understand why people are continuing to mod with a nugget like that on the horison

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