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Exchange of Consumable Commerce- ECC (Single-Server Exclusive)

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Trade Logistics and Information (TLI)


Product List and Details (PLD):

*-40 Hunger
*Min. Water 35
*Max. Water 65
*Avg. Growth Length 15 Days
*Req. 12 Seeds per Till

*-15 Hunger
*Min. Water 70
*Avg. Growth Length 23 Days
*Req. 6 Seeds per Till

*-7 Hunger
*Min. Water 45
*Max. Water 75
*Avg. Growth Length 6 Days
*Req. 6 Seeds per Till

*-15 Hunger
*Min. Water 85
*Avg. Growth Length 22 Days
*Req. 12 Seeds per Till

*-10 Hunger, -15 Thirst
*Min. Water 75
*Avg. Growth Length 17 Days
*Req. 4 Seeds per Till

*-30 Hunger
*Min. Water 65
*Avg. Growth Length 17 Days
*Req. 4 Seeds per Till

*-10 Hunger, -15 Thirst
*Min. Water 85
*Avg. Growth Length 6 Days
*Req. 9 Seeds per Till


Currency System Conversions (CSC):

Currency Type - Credit

Exchange Method - Direct Trade

Product Prices

_Carrot = 4

_Potato = 3

_Tomato = 2

_Cabbage = 2

_Broccoli = 1

_Strawberry = 1

Item Worth


_BoxofRounds/BoxofShells = 3

_9MMmagazine = 1


_BigHikingBag = 5

_NormalHikingBag = 5

_GarbageBag = 1


_NailBox = 3


_Sandbag = 9

_Barbed Wire = 2


_Pop = 12

_OrangeSoda = 10

_MilkPackage(Fresh) = 5

_WhiskyBottle(Full) = 2

_HotCuppa = 1

Seed Packets

_CarrotSeedsPacket = 4

_PotatoSeedsPacket = 3

_TomatoSeedsPacket = 2

_CabbageSeedsPacket = 2

_BroccoliSeedsPacket = 1

_StrawberrySeedsPacket = 1

_100Seeds = 1

Farm Tools

_NPKFertilizer = 10

Meat & Dairy

_Chicken(Raw) = 4

_MeatPatty(Raw) = 4

_Steak(Raw) = 4

_DeadRat(Raw) = 2

_Bacon(Raw) = 1

_Butter = 1

_Egg(Raw) = 1

_Remoulade(Fresh) = 1

_Mayonnaise(Fresh) = 1


_PeanutButter = 4

_CannedSoup = 3

_CannedBeans = 3

_Tuna = 2

_Chocolate = 2

_Cereal = 1

_Lollipop = 1

_Crisps = 1

_Popcorn = 1

_DryRamenNoodles = 1

_DogFood = 1

_TVDinner = 1

_Cupcake = 1

Inedible Ingredients

_Flour = 2

_TeaBag = 1


_Battery = 6

Skill Books

_AdvancedFarming = 3

_ExpertFarming = 3

_MasterFarming = 3

_AdvancedCooking = 3

_ExpertCooking = 3

_MasterCooking = 3

_AdvancedCarpentry = 3

_ExpertCarpentry = 3

_MasterCarpentry = 3

_CarpentryforBeginners = 2

_CarpentryforIntermediates = 2

_CookingforBeginners = 2

_CookingforIntermediates = 2

_FarmingforBeginners = 2

_FarmingforIntermediates = 2


_EmptyNotebook = 1

Medical Items

_Painkillers = 2

_BetaBlockers = 2

_Anti-Depressants = 2

_Vitamins = 2

_Bandage = 1

_Bandaid = 1


_GasCan = 5

_EmptyBottle(Whiskey) = 3


_PlushSpiffo = 2


_MolotovCocktail = 5

_Pistol = 3

_Sledgehammer = 3

_Axe = 3

_Shotgun = 2

_Sawn-OffShotgun = 2

_Spade = 2

_SpikedBaseballBat = 2

_BaseballBat = 1

_Crowbar = 1

_KitchenKnife = 1

_PoolCue = 1


Community Gatherings (CG):

Synopsis: ECC organized events occurring at least once an in-game month (in real time, every day), where members of the server can come together, socialize, and enjoy a free meal. Main dish of free meals will mostly consist of radishes, though there may be a special given on occasion (watermelon, soup, etc.).

Location: The events will usually be hosted at restaurants, churches, hotels, or other areas with a large, open space. A location will have the event hosted there indefinitely, unless specified otherwise, in which the server will be notified of the alternative hosting location. The alternative location will be used until the safety or relevancy of the original location is confirmed.

Rules: When the server is serving (behind the counter), wait one at a time to be called to receive your meal. Refrain from crowding, otherwise the server will not serve. Insults or humorless, antagonistic behavior directed at the server will be tolerated, ignored, and responded to in a kind, civilized fashion, which may hopefully allow you to leave in peace with your meal and rethink how you spend your time. The server will have barricaded him or herself into the serving area, so please refrain from entering the area or breaking the barricade down. Again, nothing will happen if you do, but you'll give us solutions to similar problems so they won't occur in the future. And we get to laugh at the people poking butter knives and spoons through the cracks of the barricades. Anyways, that's about it. First come, first serve. You do not have to stay in the restaurant once you have been served, and can return at any time while the event is ongoing. I know it's the end of the world, but try to have some fun, alright?

Security: A security detail of no more than four, and no less than two, should be on the lookout of the surrounding area at all times during the event. Firearms are allowed, but discouraged. Threats within the area should be responded to appropriately (so if, for example, a horde came passing by, it is paramount that you let the participants know of the threat, giving them enough time to disperse to a safe location, if need be). Security personnel will most likely be trusted group members, but could be volunteering community members, as well. Either way, they have the opportunity to be served an exclusive, private meal (maybe with a special item included), once the event has concluded. This rule can be bent, though, for flexibility of both parties.

Activities(?): This is a feature that has yet to be experimented with, and perhaps when more involvement and resources are gained, we can incorporate something like this into our gatherings.

That's all, for now!

If there is anything you would like me to change about the group (i.e. item prices, community details, etc.), let me know! I'll see what I can work out...

Though we are exclusive to a specific server (as of right now), you can join us. Let me know if you want to join, I could use some help, anyhow.

Speaking of which, here's the member roster:


No members other than myself, but it should be enough to get this operation started.

Good luck out there, survivors!

Even with food, you're going to need it...

Just wanted to say that this is all a work in progress, and even the way the info is organized or presented on this thread may be changed in the future (condensed, discernible sections and subsections, appropriate visuals accompanying text, etc.). The reason why it may not follow the typical construct of a group or "clan" (in terms of organizing this information) is due to the belief that action and attempts speak louder than text ever could. This should give people who want to be involved with this type of trade system, if not desiring membership, the bare necessities on the know how in terms of how it goes. Hopefully, this won't be one of those ideas that is grounded before it has the chance to fly.

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