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Zombies that die off screen lose their inventory


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It's difficult to replicate these conditions in purely vanilla circumstances, but zombies that get killed offscreen by other survivors (using just the the superb survivors mod) seem to lose all of their information (clothing, inventory, appearance) and are just naked with random generic corpse loot. I suspect this could also occur with fire spread and explosives.


There does not seem to be anything in the mod about survivors looting corpses for loot or clothes to rip into bandages despite speculation, and it seems to be a problem of the game not loading the info of the zombie into the game when it has become a corpse before it could be rendered as a zombie.


Edit: So it seems that player zombies are an exception, since I've just discovered one of my player corpses for the first time in a lot of playthroughs, but its still weird to see a lot of naked dead zombies.

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