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Won't stop 'loading'.

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Hello, I just bought Project Zomboid. I did follow the whole guide on how to play multiplayer, but when I am trying to join my friend, it simply keeps 'loading'. It won't stop, and my internet is not the problem. I left my computer connecting to a server for around one hour, and it still didn't connect. The server is not full either, this happends with all the servers I am trying to join.

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I would try another server.


Normally it should start the beginning screen with the text "These are the end times" and then take a long while to load the actual map files, etc.


If the beginning text doesnt appear, then (i think) the server is the problem (hanging' / no more slots / etc).


If you have a 64-bit-system, then you can start the "ProjectZomboidServer.bat" and connect with your own local server using IP "" to test if connection/PZ is working.


I also got mad, because every server in my list didnt work, but then after connecting to my local testserver i recogniced that pz is still working and "only" my serverlist / the servers on the list didn't work.

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Several of my own remedies for problems like this in PZ.

- Try compatibility mode.

- Enter the server info and make sure you hit save before joining.

- Troubleshoot your network for problems.

- If all else fails, try a new server or use the singleplayer until the next build is released. 

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