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Question on combining rooms into one


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Hello, i am qite new to this so i have a question. I am working on apartment with limited space and i wonder how to combine dining room and kitchen into one room? My problem is if i divide room into "diningroom" and "kitchen" it creates wall between them and i would like to have it together. I've seen it in vanilla sometimes so i guess it is possible. Choosing "internal walls" tile to none for one of the rooms removes too many walls (and not entirely). I guess i can ignore spawn in dining room and just place 2 tables in the kitchen but i would still like to know how to remove walls between dedicated rooms.


Edit: Probably solved. Drawing custom "none" wall removes walls from dedicated rooms.


However, since i've never tested anything in gameplay yet, i wonder if "none" tile wall is still a wall. I also noticed placing door onto door doesn't replace it but stack up. Does it create problems with collisions?

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Problem partially solved
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