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Server working fine for 2 days, now friends lose connection after ~30 seconds



I made a server with some mods on and have been playing with friends. We played perfectly fine for 2 days (maybe 10 hours in server). Then when coming back to it to play barely an hour after it was last working fine, my friends can join the sever but within 30 seconds are quicked out and simply shown the message "connection to server lost" and the only message I have in the console is:


LOG  : General     , 1679606992900> 3,199,361> Received timeout for player tom id 4


I've checked my internet speed and connection. Everything seems okay on my end. We've all restared our PC's and I've restarted my internet too.

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Could be that the connection is overloaded, I would either recommend checking if this happens with only one player joining as well.
Secondly I would recommend contacting your internet service provider to see if they can investigate the network drop?

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