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[41.78.16 Steam] [Multiplayer and Singleplayer] Bug report/help

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So I found a bug where when I click 'click to start' my screen freezes and that's it. I can hear me moving and jumping in the background when I'm pressint the wasd and space buttons but the screen remains frozen, I though maybe something is loading, so I let it wait, but still nothing. I just got the game and I have no mods or such things. Any help? I've looked online and on reddit but still, no answer.


• Version?
	• Singleplayer and Multiplayer 
	• Host and Dedicated and SoloNo I didn't get the chance to save
	• Reproduction steps: 1. Start the game 2. I click any play option 3. I select my traits, character, spawn location. 4. Press start after the 'this is how you die' screen, and the bug happens.

Sorry if this wasn't formated correctly or isn't what you expected, or not in the right forum, it's my first time doing this and I tried my best. I will answer any questions and provide any files that I need to in order to make it work. I always used the 'normal start' option on steam, but then I tried alternate start and the same thing happens.





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