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I think I found a bug: Tailoring Vol. 4 (book)


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Sandbox mode in Riverside. I have two characters, both are now Tailoring level 6 (6 is maxed; progression towards tailoring level 7). I used the book "Tailoring Vol. 4" (340 pages) and read all 340 pages on my alt character. Then, on my alt, I dropped the book on the ground, and switched to my main character. Picked up Tailoring Vol. 4 and read all 340 pages. Upon completion of page 340 on my main character (Bertram Buford), the tooltip now says for Number of Pages: 194 of 340. Also, Tailoring level 7 has multiplier 12.
If I had to guess, the game knows I completed the book. But for some reason, the book does not know it.


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I tried what you suggested and the book continued from 194 of 340. No bonus beyond 12x was added, so there is no benefit to reading the book again. I am not using any mods.


I posted how to get multiple characters on a map here. They are not playing the game at the same time. I do not know what private server means; I play the game solo.

And one more thing, the time/date clock continues for whatever active player you select. Then, when you switch characters, that time/date you log out is the time/date the other character picks up at.

Here is a screenshot of reading the book the 2nd time. The multiplier bonus 12x stayed the same, so the book seems to be the source of the issue, if I had to guess.image.thumb.png.7bd6795ef95771fe8dc3b59f03dfd1c7.pngimage.thumb.png.1fd677522565eedbf58a30ed8534e0c3.png

The book updated 340 of 340 the second time around.


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