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Title: Project UnKnowN | [24/7] [Mods] [Friendly Community] [Open-World]


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The world has almost killed everything. How will you story begin and end?

Server Address:
Name: [EU] The UnKNowN Zomboid
Port: 16565
Server Start: 12/03/2023

The server currently uses quite a few mods. Tsar's library, the true library, vehicle claiming and brita's weapon pack are just a few. None are truly game breaking.

Discord: https://discord.gg/KTkZ8jYTHb

Extra server information:
• PvE = We want to build communities.
• Loot Respawns
• Vehicle Claims
• Safehouses = Can be created after 2 days of survival. Safehouses protect you from being offline raided.
• Factions = You can create your faction instantly and bring friend


Sandbox Settings:
• Zombie Population = High (Urban Focused)
• Water = Turned On
• Electricity Shutoff = 4 weeks
• Loot = Rare
• Compost Time =  1 Week
• Generator and Car Fuel Consumption = 0,3


Zombie Settings:
• Weak zombies. Very High population.
• Saliva only transmission.
• 2-3 days to turn once bitten.


Additional Features:
• Increased zone events.
• Random helicopter events. 




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Server is stable and we have improved some stuff with the server.
- We have added few mods to make it more long term fun and stable

- Removed some mods that was not that useful

- Fixed up the discord and updated much info

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